Save on Chlorine and Love Your Pool With Clear Comfort

Save on Chlorine and Love Your Pool With Clear Comfort

Clear Comfort® has launched its residential AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) pool water treatment solution for residential pools and spas.  The the expense, limmited availability, and negative effects of chlorine, this couldnt come at a better time.  Treating contaminants in the same way that traditional chlorine does, just in a way that doesn't have all of the negative effests that chlorine does.

What is Advanced Oxidation Process?

Potency of Oxidizers

Advanced Oxidation Process or AOP is method of cleaning pool water is a significant advance in alternative pool water treatment that can elliminate the need for chlorine in smaller pools and reduce the need for chlorine by up to 2/3 in larger commercial pools.  Older alternative sanitizers used technology like ozone and UV to sanitize pool water.  While effective, these systems can be complicated to install, can have both Ozone and UV components that need to be maintained, and may required wetted electrical connections to opperate.  These systems create Ozone (03) which then passes through UV light creating hydroxyl radicals.  Hydroxyl radicals are a natural molecule of Hydrogen and Oxygen.  While completely natural and safe, they are unstable and quickly bond with oils, sweat, bacteria, viruses without toxic byproducts.  After boding and nutrilizing the contaminants, the hydroxyl radicals convert back to oxygen leaving you with safe and sanitized pool water.

How is Clear Comfort's AOP system better?

Older systems create ozone and rely on the ozone desolving into the water where as Clear Comfort has a patented system that uses direct injection technology.  This technology injects the hydroxyl radicals directly into the water creating a more effective water treatment solution.  That coupled the fact that additional components like UV light that can require monthly cleaning and are subject to damage and replacement are not required makes Clear Comfort a superior solution for keeping you pool water clear and clean.

What types of Pools and Spas can it be used in?

Clear Comfort has designed and manufactures treatment systems for all size pools in their manufacturing facilities in the United States.  For spas, Clear Comfort has solutions for spas with 120V or 230V pumps.  For pools, Clear Comfort has solutions for small in-gound and above ground pools with flow rates up to 35 gpm as well as the CCW100 for pools up to 90 gpm.  See you options below:

Pool and Spa Water Treatment by Clear Comfort

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