Salt Chlorinators

One of today's most popular methods of sanitizing your pool is a Salt Chlorinator which eliminates the need to add chlorine to your pool water. Salt-water pool chlorinators allow you peace of mind and more time to enjoy your pool all while maintaining beautifully clear and safe pool water.  Salt chlorine generators allow for more precise control by putting the right amount of chlorine into your pool. You can even use your salt system to easily shock the pool by increasing the chlorine output.

Salt water pools are desirable because you will no longer have to lug heavy buckets or gallons of chlorine back to the pool or risk spilling chlorine in your car. No more strong chlorine fumes or chlorine storage hazards to deal with either. By using a salt chlorine generator your pool water will feel silky smooth and comforting to your eyes. 

You must, however, add the salt that the salt chlorinator converts into chlorine. The chlorine output is adjustable for a more consistent low level. You will find it is easy to destroy algae and bacteria and to oxidize contaminants. Also, better control helps prevent damage to your pool surfaces and eliminate chlorine spikes, drift and fluctuation.