Solar Covers/Solar Reels

Solar Covers/Solar Reels

Our Best Priced Covers - If you're looking for the most cost effective solar blanket, then check out our Economy Series 8 mil, 3 year solar cover. It's made from durable, UV and chemical resistant material. This cover comes in a variety of sizes for all pool types and can easily be cut down to fit free-form pools or small spas.  Our solar blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool cloudy days. The transparent blue color allows the maximum amount of solar rays to reach your pool for optimal heating. All of our blankets are UV protected so they last under the most intense sunlight. We are proud to offer a variety of solar covers to meet your specific needs.

Sun Absorbing Clear Solar Covers - We also feature the Amazing Magni-Clear, the only Clear Solar Cover! This cover is designed to absorb the sun’s rays, not repel them away like silver or black solar covers. It heats your pool faster! Magni-Clear blankets allow more solar heat to reach the depths of your pool and heat it thoroughly. Inground pool Magni-Clear Solar Covers are 14 mil thickness and are backed by a 6 year manufacturer's warranty. The aboveground Magni-Clear covers are 12 mil. thickness, backed by a 5 year warranty.

Our Premium HPI Covers - Our 12 mil, 5 year solar covers are constructed using the same UV and chemical resistant material. The heavy duty, sun absorbing bubbles are extruded, not laminated like other covers. These covers lay flat on the pools surface. They won't ripple or get windblown around, causing you to loose heat and chemicals due to evaporation.

Custom size solar covers are  also available from HPI in the following thickness:

6 mil- 3 year warranty

9 mil- 5 year warranty

12 mil- 10 year warranty

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