Installing an Above Ground Pool below grade for approved pools

Installing an Above Ground Pool below grade for approved pools

Some vinyl liner pools can be installed either partially in ground.  At our Lomart pools by Doughboy® are rated for either partial or fully in-ground installed.  In addition to the cost benefits and the option to be able to install DIY, partially or fully buried vinyl liner pools provide some unique benefits that make them attractive to many potential pool owners.

  • Back yards without a flat grade: If your back yard isn’t flat, a semi in-ground pool can still be installed.  You are able to partially recess the pool into the slope of your yard.
  • Landscaping and appearance: Partially or fully installed pools provide for more landscaping options allowing you to blend your pool more naturally into your landscaping.
  • Maintenance: In the event your pool needs to be refinished, concrete pools can be extremely costly to repair. Liners in vinyl liner pools can be an economical alternative concrete in-ground pools.
  • Ease and time of installation: Concrete in-ground pools can be expensive, require contractors, heavy equipment, and can run into delays associated with permitting.  Semi in-ground pools can be done DIY and for a fraction of the cost of concrete in-ground pools.

Below grade installation considerations

                Though this is not meant to be a compete installation guide, here are some considerations when installing a vinyl liner pool either partially or fully in-ground provided by Doughboy®.

  • Any of our Lomart pool packages by Doughboy® can be installed either partially or fully in-ground.
  • Ensure you have a proper water diversion plan in place. (Water diversion plan means that ALL water, both topical and ground water are diverted away from the pool at all times.)
  • Any installation where the pool is installed at a depth of 24” or more in-ground require following the “Below Grade Instructions” by Doughboy®.
  • Pool collapse due to improper burial or unstable soil conditions is not covered under warranty.

If you are uncomfortable or have questions about an in-ground pool installation, you may consider consulting a local pool professional.

Resource: Doughboy® Below Grade Installation Instructions

Here are our available pool packages by Lomart that can be either fully or partially burried