An above ground pool liner can be attached to the pool wall in a variety of ways.


Overlap pool linerAn overlap pool liner installs by draping and overlapping over the top of the pool wall. The pool liner is then secured with coping strips. This type of pool liner will have a flat edge.






Beaded pool linerbeaded pool liner installs into a track or snaps into a channel on the pool walll. We sell above ground pool liners with the standard bead and also pool liners with special beads, such as Kayak, Esther Williams, Lomart and Wilkes. If you are uncertain about your specific type of bead, please call one of our above ground pool liner specialists at 1-800-918-7665 .





Unibead/J-Hook pool linerUnibead/J-Hook pool liner (also know as an U-Bead) is shaped like an upside-down J. This type of above ground pool liner can be used as is, with no bead receiver, on almost any above ground swimming pool.