Above Ground Pool Liner Measuring Guide

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Measuring Your Swimming Pool

Remember - Measure twice, order once! Even if you have the original paperwork for your above ground vinyl pool liner, do not assume that it is correct. Experience has proven that some manufacturers call their liner pools a slightly different size than it actually is. It is easy to measure your pool, but do double-check your measurements.

Round Pool Liners

If you have a round swimming pool, measure the diameter straight across the center of the pool in a couple of different places, inside the top of the pool liner wall to inside the top of the opposite wall. Sometimes above ground pools get slightly out of round and taking the average of 2 or 3 diameter measurements is a good idea.

Oval Pool Liners

If your vinyl pool liner is oval in shape, you will want to measure the length from end to end at the center and the width in 2 or 3 places and then take the average of the width. Again, measure inside wall to inside wall for length and width to get the correct pool liner measurement.

Rectangular Pool Liners

If your vinyl liner pool is rectangular in shape, measure the length and width and be sure to note what type of corners your swimming pool has. Some rectangular pools have square corners, some pools have diagonal corners and some have rounded corners. If you are ordering a stock size rectangular pool liner, those come with 90 degree (square) corners.

Pool Wall

When you measure the height of your vinyl pool liner, measure from outside the pool (not inside the pool), from the bottom rail to just under the top rail for the most accurate pool wall height. We measure from outside the above ground pool because there is usually sand or pool cove that will throw off the measurement.Above ground pools normally will have 48 inch, 52 inch or 54 inch walls.

We are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have about measuring your pool liner. Please contact our pool liner experts at 1-800-918-POOL (7665) for assistance.