Wilkes On-ground Pool Liners

We offer the largest selection of Wilkes Style replacement pool liners on the internet. Every Wilkes Style pool liner we offer is made from virgin vinyl, a flexible Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) sheeting containing various additives, i.e. inhibitors for mildew, mold and algae. These additives improve the life and quality of the vinyl by increasing its resistance to chemical/detergents, brittleness, punctures, high strength with durability and low temperature flexibility.

Our replacment Wilkes Style pool liners will fit your Wilkes® Genesis, Wilkes® Temptation, Wilkes® Solarius, Wilkes® Delta or Wilkes® Avalon on-ground swimming pools, as well as Gibraltar above-ground pools. Sizes list are the most common, if you need a Wilkes pool liner in a different size, please contact us for pricing and pattern options.

Wilkes Style replacement pool liners have a unique bead attachment system. It is important that your replacement Wilkes style liner have this bead to ensure the pool liner will properly attach to your Wilkes® pool. A pool cove, whether it is a pre-made pool cove or built of sand, is recommended by us and required by some of our manufacturers.

Wilkes Style replacement pool liners come in a variety of sizes - the most common Wilkes® on-ground pool sizes are 12x24, 16x24 and 16x32 rectangles and 24' round. We can have Wilkes style liners made with a hopper deep-end, as well as radius or diagonal corners. Finished Depth or Panel Height

Wilkes pool liners come in various finished depths; typically 43 and 46 inches. Our liners are designed fit Wilkes 46 and 48 inch walls.  Please select finished depth or panel height. See attached document for assistance.

Please call for pricing if you have a 20'4"x32'4", 20'4"x36'4", or a 20'4"x40'4" Wilkes® on-ground swimming pool.

We can have a liner made for any size Wilkes® pool. For assistance, please call 1 (800) 918-7665 . One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you.

Have a Wilkes with a hopper.  Please complete the attached form and email to info@poolstore.com ABOVE GROUND LINER CUSTOM FORM

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