Why Choose an Above Ground Pool?

Why Choose an Above Ground Pool?

Above-ground pools are typically the least expensive type of pool you can purchase. They are the summer-fun answer for those who don't want to make the larger commitment of an in-ground pool. If you're ready for a ton of back-yard fun, but aren't quite ready for a permanent structure in your yard, then an above-ground may be the way to go.

Points to Ponder:

Above-grounds are great for those looking for a relatively inexpensive way to provide years of backyard family entertainment.

If you move, you can take your pool with you, give it to a friend or even sell it. Or you can leave it as a benefit for the next owner of your home.

Quick to install:
Grab a couple of handy neighbors and you can be hosting a pool party in just a couple of days.

You can choose from aluminum, resin or steel sidings. All three types have various benefits, ranging from rust-resistance to average life-span. Your dealer can help you weigh the pros and cons of each type.

Above-grounds come in several sizes and shapes, and a variety of decorative wall patterns and decking options.

Good For Small Lots:
If getting a back-hoe into your yard would be next-to-impossible, an above-ground can generally be carried in a kit to your yard and set up.