Spring Opening Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Spring Opening Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

With just a little bit of work you can have your above ground swimming pool sparkling clean and ready for the swimming season. We’ve put together a few tips to follow as you open your pool.

 How to open your pool

1. Clean off and drain any water from the pool cover before removing it. Keeping debris and rain water out of your pool will help make your job easier as you go. Investing in a quality winter pool cover pump will make the job faster.

2. Remove you winter pool cover from your pool. Clean it and allow it to thoroughly dry before storing it for the swimming season.

3. Next, remove any winter plugs, ice compensators and the skimmer plates you may have installed when you closed the pool,

4. If needed, add fresh water to bring up the pool water level to the proper level.

5. Reinstall all equipment removed during winterizing, including drain plugs, gauges and hoses. If you have a multiport valve turn it to the Filter position.

6. Start up your filter and pump. Prime if necessary. Backwash the filter so you can start the season with a clean filter. If you have a DE filter add more DE according to manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Clean your pool by brushing the wall, vacuuming the floor and skimming the surface.

8. Circulate the water for 24 hours before testing the pool water and adding chemicals. The water on the surface of the pool may be quite different from the water at the bottom. Testing too early can give false chemical readings.

9. Test your pool water and add start-up chemicals to balance your water. It is a good idea to shock your pool at this time also.

10. After 24 hours of filtration again vacuum out any debris, retest your pool water, and add additional chemicals.