Affordable Way to Build an In Ground Swimming Pool

Affordable Way to Build an In Ground Swimming Pool

Have you been disappointed by the cost to install an in ground pool in your yard? You would be surprised at how reasonably you can install certain models of above ground pools in the ground. These pools are a fraction of the cost and they look great too!

In-Ground Pool Ladder Options

Some of the models of above ground pools made by Lomart at the Doughboy factory offer warranties for in the ground installations. All you need to do is follow the installation instructions and video provided by the factory and you are good to go. You can even install hand rails to allow for easy pool entry.

We do recommend that you contact your local municipality to find out if permits are required and what safety precautions must be followed in your area to qualify, such as fencing height, alarms or other protections. You will need to select an area of your yard that does not have a slope and that can be totally level and flat. Concrete is placed around the outside of the walls in order to ensure sturdiness and stability, so when the earth is excavated it is dug out larger than the size of the actual pool to allow for the concrete ribbon.


You can do this below ground type of installation yourself or hire a contractor. A detailed video is provided with purchase. Is Installing an above ground pool in the ground an easy process? No, we can’t claim it is easy – but the results are well worth the effort! And the savings are terrific!