Pool Covers

Protect your pool this winter with one of our winter pool covers. All of our swimming pool winter covers are designed to last and make spring clean-up quicker and easier by preventing dirt, leaves, bugs, twigs and other debris from entering and staining your pool.


Premium Series - By HPI Yard Guard - Excellent value and made to last with Triple Edge Reinforced Binding. All Yard Guard Winter Pool Covers are made in the USA!  Available in:


  • Poly-Woven - Made with the strictest quality control, these winter pool covers come with either a 12 or 15 year warranty.
  • Armor-Kote - These winter pool covers are designed 30% lighter and 50% stronger than other winter covers and come with a 20 year warranty.
  • Camo Guard - Looking for something new for this winter? This camo winter pool cover will look great in any backyard and uses Armor-Kote technology to last for years. 
  • Enviro Mesh - The strongest mesh winter pool cover available, this unique patented material speeds up the snow melting process and is self-draining. The Enviro Mesh winter pool cover comes with a 8 year warranty.
  • Ultimate Cover - This outstanding self-skirted winter pool cover is made with both Armor-Kote and Enviro Mesh material to give you an exceptionally strong winter cover while providing drainage and protection from wind and debris.    



Economy Series - By Swimline - These imported winter pool covers are always reliable, always affordable, and super strong:


  • Super Guard - These reliable and economical winter pool covers come with a 8 year pro-rated warranty. 
  • Supreme Guard - This solid winter pool cover has a 12' x 12' scrim and offers a 10 year pro-rated warranty
  • Silver King - Combining good looks with excellent quality, this winter pool cover has ultra-violet inhibitors and comes with a 15 year pro-rated. 2 year full warranty.


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Air Pillows

Use air pillows under your pool cover to prevent ice damage.
From $10.99

Corner Water Tubes

Use at the corners of your inground winter cover!
From $4.99

Cover Clips

Cover Clips - Winter Cover Fasteners
From $3.99

Cover Saver Pump Model 5436

An affordable, easy solution to get rid of rain, or snow melt water build-up!

Electric Cover Pumps

Protect your pool cover the easy way.
From $44.99

Pool Pillow Pal

Anchor Your Air Pillow With Pool Pillow Pal!
From $13.99

Replacement Cable & Winch

Replacement Cable & Winch for pool covers. Available in a variety of sizes.
From $12.99

Wall Bags

Extra Security Against Wind Damage. Affixes With Winter Cable.
From $5.99

Water Tubes - Domestic

Available in Blue, Tan or Black. Single or double chambers.
From $8.99

Water Tubes - Imported

Available in 8' and 10' lengths. Single or double chambers.
From $7.99

Water Wizard

1/6 hp. Utility Pump. Pumps up to 1500 GPH.

Winter Cover Patch Kits

Winter Cover Repair Patches
From $5.99

Winter Cover Seal

Eliminates damage to your winter cover due to high winds!

Super Guard Winter Pool Cover - Inground

Economy Series - 8 Year Warranty - Rectangle
From $71.99

Super Guard Winter Pool Cover - Oval

Economy Series - 8 Year Warranty
From $58.99

Super Guard Winter Pool Cover - Round

Economy Series - 8 Year Warranty Cable and Winch Included
From $51.99