Winter Cover Accessories

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Air Pillows

Use air pillows under your pool cover to prevent ice damage.
From $9.99

Corner Water Tubes

Use at the corners of your inground winter cover!
From $4.99

Cover Clips

Cover Clips - Winter Cover Fasteners
From $3.99

Cover Saver Pump Model 5436

An affordable, easy solution to get rid of rain, or snow melt water build-up!

Electric Cover Pumps

Protect your pool cover the easy way.
From $44.99

Genius IQ350 Automatic Cover Pump

Powerful! Can pump 350 GPH - Powers on and off automatically!

Pool Pillow Pal

Anchor Your Air Pillow With Pool Pillow Pal!
From $13.99

Replacement Cable & Winch

Replacement Cable & Winch for pool covers. Available in a variety of sizes.
From $11.99

Wall Bags

Extra Security Against Wind Damage. Affixes With Winter Cable.
From $3.99

Water Tubes - Domestic

Available in Blue, Tan or Black. Single or double chambers.
From $6.99

Water Tubes - Imported

Available in 8' and 10' lengths. Single or double chambers.
From $5.99

Water Wizard

1/6 hp. Utility Pump. Pumps up to 1500 GPH.

Winter Cover Patch Kits

Winter Cover Repair Patches
From $5.99

Winter Cover Seal

Eliminates damage to your winter cover due to high winds!