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Bright & Clear Spa Clarifier

Bright & Clear works quickly to turn cloudy water into crystal clear water.

Clear Blue Clarifier

Clear Blue Clarifier adds sparkle to the water by removing small particles that can dull the water.

Dissolve by Applied Biochemists - Gallon

Dissolve digests scum with natural enzyme action.

Gold-N-Clear by Applied Biochemists

The super-concentrated formula of Gold-N-Clear™ clarifier uses color-changing technology to show that it’s working. Watch the product change from gold to blue as it removes microparticles, leaving the water sparkling clear.

Natural Clear Clarifier by GLB

Natural Clear Clarifier is a bio-degradable enzyme pool water cleaner.

Pool First Aid

Clear Cloudy Pools Fast! When a pool requires an emergency clean up, no product works better!

Pool Perfect + PhosFree

Regular pool maintenance is easy with Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect + PHOSfree.
Available in three sizes!
From $21.99

Pool Perfect by Natural Chemistry

Pool Perfect is non-toxic, non-irritating, and it's environmentally friendly.
From $17.99

Prevent Plus by Applied Biochemists

As a regular part of your maintenance program, Prevent Plus™ clarifier will reduce pool water, filter and surface maintenance and allow swimming immediately after treatment.

Super Blue Clarifier by Robarb

Super Blue is a powerful water clarifier that produces and maintains crystal clear pool water without affecting pH balance or other chemicals.
From $14.99

Super Floc by Blue Wave

Super Floc clears cloudy water fast!

Super Shimmer by Blue Wave

Super Shimmer is a highly concentrated pool water clarifier - it makes your pool water shimmer and shine!

The Emerald Stuff

4-in-1 clarifier

The Tile Plus Stuff

Used for maximum cleaning of scale, metal stains (including rust), oils, and cosmetics

Vanquish by GLB

Vanquish by GLB treats and controls pink slime, white and clear slime in swimming pools.