Solar Sun Rings


Solar Sun Rings use the sun's free energy to increase your pool or spa temperature by an average of one-half degree per day. The clear upper layer is filled with insulated air which attracts the sunlight, holding it within the chamber of layers. The blue lower layer absorbs about 50% of the sunlight, converting it into heat. The generated heat is then transferred into your pool or spa. The balance of sunlight is allowed to pass through for deep water heating. At night the contained air acts as an insulating blanket to retain heat gained during the daylight.

Solar Sun Rings are easy to put on and take off your swimming pool. There's no need for a solar reel system with their unique design. Magnets spaced along the outer perimeter attach the Solar Sun Rings together. This is much safer than standard solar covers as the magnets easily separate to prevent entrapment in accidental falls. Solar Sun Rings are compatible with automatic pool cleaners, as the cleaner will remain unhampered, able to work beneath the Solar Sun Rings, so there is no need to remove them while cleaning.

Each heat generating ring is 5 feet in diameter. Click here to view the many unique features of a Solar Sun Ring (opens a new page). Constructed using two sheets of heavy UV resistant poly-vinyl material, Solar Sun Rings will not fade, or become brittle like standard solar pool covers, outlasting them 3 to 1. Solar Sun Rings are an effective way to reduce loss of chemicals and water to evaporation. Solar Sun Rings are unaffected by salt or chlorine systems.

Solar Sun Rings come in several styles. There's the Standard, Original Solar Sun Ring and the Australian, or Water Anchor Solar Sun Ring. Each is available with the Palm Tree print or Plain Blue. The Australian or Water Anchor Solar Sun Rings were designed for high wind areas. The water anchor is an additional segmented overlapping channel of vinyl below the outer ring. This channel is self-filling when the Solar Sun Ring is placed in the swimming pool. It is also self-emptying when manually removed from the pool. However, in strong winds, the horizontal lifting closes the ballast, retaining the water, thus creating weight and stability.

Solar Sun Rings are a very convenient way to heat up your pool. If you have ever tried to remove a standard solar blanket cover, you know how heavy and awkward they can be. Not with Solar Sun Rings - pull quickly and you can remove just a single solar sun ring; or pull slowly and you can pull a group of the Solar Sun Rings at once because they are magnetized together. Solar Sun Rings are ideal for those with a bit less strength as they are easily managable.

Do not temporarily place or store Solar Sun Rings™ on lawns, hedges or any vegetation you want to maintain. The Solar Sun Rings™ will super heat the water in the green parts of the grass, leaves and stems which will kill the vegetation.

Solar Sun Rings are sold in quantities of 5, 10 or 15 ring packs. Individual rings are available.

Solar Sun Rings come with a 2 Year Warranty covering material defects. 

*We recommend you purchase a slightly greater number of rings than what the Quantity Calculator estimates. Calculating of freeform pools can be under-estimated. We want to assure you receive optimal coverage for your swimming pool. Additional "per ring" pricing is available on all pack quantity orders.


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