Thunderbolt 44" Snow Rider

Have a blast!
SKU: NW9005
Manufacturer: Blue Wave
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Featuring durable heavy-duty cold resistant 18 gauge PVC vinyl, bold exciting action graphics, 2 large heavy duty handles that allow easy grip even while wearing bulky mittens or gloves. A directional bottom design for added stability and control as you “Rocket” down the hill. Includes a convenient grip line that makes towing the Thunderbolt back up the hill for the next run quick and easy!

• 44" diameter - inflated size
• Large valve for Quick inflation and deflation
• Double locking valve – guarantees air tight seal
• Durable heavy-duty cold/crack resistant 18 gauge PVC vinyl
• Reinforced double welded seams
• 2 Heavy duty handles
• Maximum load weight: 165 Lbs.
• Grip line for easy towing
• Exciting graphic design
• Includes easy to use repair kit
• 90-day warranty