Stain Solution #1 - The Iron, Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff

Remove iron, cobalt and spot-etching stains without draining the pool.
Manufacturer: Jack's Magic
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STAIN SOLUTION #1 is a non-acidic product for removing iron, cobalt, and spot-etching stains from all types of pool surfaces without draining the pool. The Iron, Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff will normally remove these stains easily and effectively within 48 hours, with minimal rebalancing of other pool chemical products.

Is it safe to swim after I use the Iron Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff?
No. Do not swim while doing a #1 Treatment. You may swim after the stains have been removed and after your water chemistry is back to normal.

Help! My stains turned black after I used this product!
Your stains turned black because you have copper stains instead of iron ones. Please use our Copper & Scale stuff.

How long will the treatment take?
Generally, if the chemistry is adjusted properly, a Stain #1 treatment should be fully reacted within 48 hours.

What happens during the treatment if my dog gets into the pool?
When doing a Stain #1 treatment there are no adverse conditions that would harm a pet. The reason we don’t advise swimming during a Stain #1 treatment is because the Chlorine level is lower than recommended levels for swimming.

When doing a #1 treatment, is it a good idea to wait for the Chlorine to come down on its own?
No. This is a common mistake made especially in the warmer months. By not using After Shock Chlorine Remover, you will create a significant chlorine demand which may create an algae problem. By using After Shock you can immediately lower the chlorine level and start the treatment the same day.

Product Dosage
2 lbs per 12,000 gallons

NOTE: The use of a sequestrant is required to filter out the stain. Try our Magenta Stuff, Pink Stuff, Blue Stuff, or Purple Stuff

Available in 2 lb container