Valves - Pool & Spa

Pool valves are designed to make it easier to direct the flow of water within your pool system. Depending on the type of pool valve used, water can be diverted to different part of your pool or shut off completely. Valve Actuators are an important part of pool/spa automation. They are used for automatically changing the water flow as required by a pre-set program or a remote manual control.

If you have any questions about what type of valve or valve actuator you need, please call us at 800-918-7665

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1 1/2" Multiport Valve - Top Mount - SP0714T

Multiport Valve
Fits Hayward Sand Filter Models S166T, S180T, S210T, S220T and S244T

HiFlow Valve Kit 2 in. slip - 261050

Fits FNS, FNS Plus and NSP filters
7.5 in. centerline

Jandy 2" Multiport Valve Side Mount - BWVL-MPV

Fits DEV48 and DEV60 DE Filters

Multiport Valve 2 in. slip - 261055

Fits Triton and Quad D.E. filters
7.5 in. centerline

Jandy NeverLube Pool Valves

Jandy Pro Series valves with NeverLube technology have been the industry's best selling valve for over 20 years
From $58.99

Neverlube Valve Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for 2-Way and 3-Way Neverlube Valves
From $4.99

Pentair Check Valve and Diverter Valve Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for 1.5" and 2" Diverter Valves -Compool and PacFab
Check Valve Replacement Kit
From $3.99

Pentair PacFab and Compool Diverter Valves

Lube-free 2-Way and 3-Way Diverter Valves
From $38.99

Compool Check Valves

Available in either 2" or 2-1/2"
From $54.99

Jandy Check Valves

Made of the toughest CPVC material and easily disassemble for clearing debris
From $47.99

CVA24 Valve Actuators

Valve Control Systems
From $149.99

Hayward GVA 24 - Valve Actuator

The GVA-24 Hayward Valve Actuator rotates 2-port and 3-port valves automatically.

Intermatic 24V Valve Actuator

Automates compatible diverter valves for pool/spa & pool/water feature combinations

Jandy 4424 - Valve Actuator

Jandy Valve Actuator