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pH Balance Plus - 45410A

pH Balance Plus is designed to be used in hard water situations to help maintain ideal pH levels

pH Down - 106694A

Lowers the pH of spa and hot tub water

pH Up - 106695A

Raises the pH of spa and hot tub water

Protect Plus by Rendezvous

Protects against stains, scale and rust.

Replenish - 45310A

A multifunctional oxidizer treatment that combines the power of Oxone® with chlorine to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify spa water.


Sani-Spa Chlorinating Granular

Helps maintain clean and healthy spa water
From $19.99

Sodium Bromide - LTBE1

Use at start-up with Brom Tabs for a complete bromine-based spa

Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules - 22337A / LTE5

Fast-dissolving granular chlorine that is virtually neutral in pH and therefore doesn’t upset water balance

Spa Algaeicide

Kills and prevents all types of algae.

Spa Clarifier by Rendezvous

Specially developed for hot water, Spa Clarifier clears cloudy water and adds sparkle by removing microparticles that dull spa water.

Spa Decrease - 106698A

Gently lowers pH and alkalinity

Spa Down

Granular formula that lowers the pH and alkalinity of spa water.

Spa Increase - 106699A

Gently raises both pH and alkalinity

Spa Mineral Purifier - 23434

When used with a minimal amount of sanitizer, Spa Minerals will provide clear water for up to four months!
From $28.99

Spa Perfect

Works So You Don't Have To!
Available in 16 oz., 33.9 oz and 67.6 oz. bottles.
Shop smart and save
From $16.99

Spa Purge

Cleans Where You Can't!