SolarPRO XF Pool Heater

Our most heat efficient and least flow restrictive pool heater. Unique, contoured design maximizes solar collecting area.
SKU: NS6128; GAME4521
Manufacturer: GAME
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SolarPRO XF Pool Heater 

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Sun warms water running thru panel
  2. Water runs from pool thru filter
  3. Sun warmed water is returned to pool

The most innovative passive solar product design delivering maximum pool heating performance.

  • Effective – Increases pool temperature up to  10 degrees in 5 days
  • Value – Unbeatable price performance ratio
  • Time – Increases your swimming season
  • Easy – Simple “do it yourself’’ hookup
  • Compatible – Works with most above ground and in ground pools
  • Compact – No large unsightly flat mats
  • Expandable* – Connect multiple heaters to increase efficiency and warmth
  • Convenience – Easy to drain, easy to store
  • EcoFriendly – Solar heating technology
  • Fast, easy access connectors
  • Brass fittings for a leak-proof seal
  • Multiple drain plugs for quick emptying
  • Sturdy legs keep panel at 30º angle to maximize sun exposure
  • Polycarbonate cover creates “greenhouse” effect for improved heating
  • 10 sq ft of surface to absorb the sun’s rays
  • Unique, contoured surface design maximizes solar collecting area

IMPORTANT: Operation requires filter/pump (not included).

IMPORTANT:  Bypass Kit (sold separately) is required for connecting Pool Heater(s) to pumps 1 HP or greater or in ground pools.