Above Ground Pool Solar Heaters

Solar Heater Systems for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Basic - SolarPRO EZ Solar Heater Systems by GAME

Good - SolarPRO XD3 Solar Heater Systems by GAME

Better - SolarPRO XF and SolarCurve Solar Heater Systems by GAME




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SolarPro Curve Solar Pool Heater - 4721

The unique curved design of this solar pool heater maximizes solar collecting throughout the day even as the position of the sun changes!
$169.99 $164.99

SolarPRO EZ Solar Heater - 4530

The most cost effective Solar Heater for smaller filter systems

SolarPRO XD3 Solar Heater

Generates up to 3 times more heat than the SolarPRO XD1

SolarPRO XF Pool Heater

Our most heat efficient and least flow restrictive pool heater. Unique, contoured design maximizes solar collecting area.

SolarPRO Bypass Kit

For GAME SolarPRO Heaters