Reserve & Renew Sanitizing System

A simple and easy to use bromine sanitizing system for your spa.
Manufacturer: Leisure Time
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The Reserve & Renew® sanitizing system eliminates the need for a floater, a brominator or the handling of dry chlorine. Reserve is a bromide salt that remains neutral in the spa water until the shock oxidizing agent Renew® granular is added. The two products react with each other to form active bromine. With proper maintenance and the regular addition of Renew® non-chlorine shock oxidizer, this system is very easy to use.


Picture of Reserve - 45300A
Reserve - 45300A
This specially formulated mix of bromide salts becomes a powerful bromine sanitizer when combined with Leisure Time Renew™.
32 fl. oz.
SKU: 45300A
Picture of Renew Granular 2.2 lbs - RENU2
Renew Granular 2.2 lbs - RENU2
A non-chlorine shock oxidizer treatment with a buffering element that eliminates odors and clears cloudy water.
Picture of Renew Tabs 1.75 lbs - 45305
Renew Tabs 1.75 lbs - 45305
Quick-dissolving, chlorine-free shock tablets to rid spas of organic contaminants
SKU: 45305
Picture of Renew Non-Chlorine Shock - 6 X 2 oz.
Renew Non-Chlorine Shock - 6 X 2 oz.
Six 2 ounce packs of granular Renew Non-Chlorine Shock