Protect Plus by Rendezvous

Protects against stains, scale and rust.
SKU: GL106332
Manufacturer: Rendezvous
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Protect Plus

This liquid concentrate suspends and inactivates stain and scalec ausing minerals found in spa water. Protect Plus guards against stains and scale formation. It also includes a clarifying agent that clears spa water. Protect Plus suspends and inactivates stain causing mineral elements, protecting spa equipment from stains, scaling and corrosion. Brightens water while protecting your spa equipment. Protect Plus is a dual purpose liquid concentrate which acts as a protection against staining and scale fromation and as a flocculating & clarifying agent to keep spa or hot tub water sparkling clear.


  • Protects against stains, scale and rust
  • Brightens water while protecting equipment


Initial filling:

1. Pour directly into spa/hot tub 2 oz. for every 250 gallons of water.

2. Filter and circulate the water for at least an hour before adding any other chemicals.

Maintenance (weekly):

Add 1 oz. for every 250 gallons of spa/hot tub water. 


Should be added initially when filling the spa/hot tub and weekly for preventive maintenance

Compatible With:

Chlorine, bromine, biguanide, ozone and mineral purification systems.


Protects spa equipment from stains, scaling and corrosion.

1 quart




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