Winter Products

Protect your pool and pool equipment from weather damage and save time and money in the spring by properly winterizing or closing your pool each fall. sells a wide selection of pool winterizing products to help you protect your swimming pool investment.

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Cyclone Liner Vac

Also works as a winterizing blower!

Cyclone Liner Vac / Winter Blower

More than enough power to winterize a 9 ft deep pool or suck back a liner on a cold spring day.
From $44.99

Air Pillows

Use air pillows under your pool cover to prevent ice damage.
From $9.99

Aqua Bloks

Aqua Blocks - Inground Winter Pool Cover Weights
From $11.49

Aquador Skimmer Cover Plate & Lid

Aquador Skimmer Cover. Winterize your pool without draining!
From $26.99

Aquador Skimmer Replacement Lid

Aquador Skimmer Cover Replacement Lid
From $18.99

AquaPill WinterPill

AquaPill WinterPillâ„¢ is an all-in-one formula with an exclusive 4-part blend to make spring openings faster and easier than ever!
From $19.99

Replacement Cable & Winch

Replacement Cable & Winch for pool covers. Available in a variety of sizes.
From $11.99

Corner Water Tubes

Use at the corners of your inground winter cover!
From $4.99

Cover Clips

Cover Clips - Winter Cover Fasteners
From $3.99

Cover Guard - Pool Cover Protector

Protect your safety cover from being damaged by wearing on the pool coping!
From $39.99

Cover Saver Pump Model 5436

An affordable, easy solution to get rid of rain, or snow melt water build-up!

Eastern Leisure Aqua-Kleen 1 Gallon

Keeps pools clear over the winter

Eastern Leisure Winter Kits

Winter pool protection has never been this easy!
From $19.99

Electric Cover Pumps

Protect your pool cover the easy way.
From $44.99

Genius IQ350 Automatic Cover Pump

Powerful! Can pump 350 GPH - Powers on and off automatically!