Pool Pumice Stone - Large Size

Removes Lime, Rust, Stains and Algae from pools and spas.
SKU: 36700
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Pool Pumice Stone

Pool professionals know to use a Pool Pumice Stone on stained and scaled surfaces of swimming pools. If you want to clean calcium deposits from your tile or remove stains from your plaster, pumice stone might just do the trick. There is no need to drain your pool; simply wet the stone, then rub the stained or scaled surfaces until clean. Rinse the surface after scrubbing. Pool Pumice Stone is chemically neutral and is effective when used with water or acid.

Removes hard water, rust, mineral and mildew stains from ceramic tile, grout and concrete surfaces.

Do not use pumice stone on over-glaze decorated tile, glass or vinyl, fiberglass, wood, polished metal surfaces or plastic as such surfaces might be damaged by abrasive cleaning materials. Always test a small area before proceeding on any surface.

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