Pool Pillow Pal

Anchor Your Air Pillow With Pool Pillow Pal!
Manufacturer: Pool Pillow Pal
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The Pool Pillow Pal is an EASY way to place your pool pillow in the pool and keep it centered and secured throughout the closing season until you're ready to swim again! It will help to anchor the cover in windy conditions as well so your cover won't blow around, which is less wear and tear on your expensive winter cover!

The Pool Pillow Pal connection system consists of 2 specially designed flexible patches, one attaches to your air pillow and one to your winter cover...connect them together and slide the integrated pillow and cover on your pool as one's that easy!  You can't find this material at a hardware store or a big-box home store; it has industrial strength connection and the adhesive is formulated to -140 degrees below zero! Average products will not hold and the adhesive will fall off causing additional headaches for you!

EASY to install and connects and centers your pool pillow to your winter pool cover without the hassle of ropes or ties!

A pool pillow is also known as an "Ice Compensator". Just as the technical name implies, it compensates for the ice that will form on your pool cover in the wintertime and is used in off-season periods in areas where there are subfreezing conditions. Snow and rain will land on your pool cover and freeze. As the ice accumulates it will act like a glacier and expand outward towards the sides of your pool. If too much ice forms it can damage your pool walls.



Picture of Pool Pillow Pal
Pool Pillow Pal

An EASY solution to attaching and centering your pool pillow and winter cover!