Pool Liners - Premium

Our assortment of Premium Quality pool liners gives you the opportunity to purchase a thicker, longer lasting alternative to our standard liners.

 We currently offer Pegasus “Heavy” 30 Gauge replacement liners as well as our Lomart brand of liners that are manufactured at the Doughboy factory.

 The Pegasus Heavy liners are expressed in terms of gauge (a common frame of reference used in the pool industry) and are at the top of the thickness offered at that factory. The Lomart and Embassy pool liners are expressed in mils for thickness and will actually spec out as 15 or 20 millimeters. These liners feature 15 and 25 year warranties.

 If you have a pool with the center or one end “dug out” to have a deep end, you should consider the Lomart Capri or Sunset Cove which are 20 mils thick and allow for a deep section of up to 6-1/2 feet.

 You can’t go wrong with these top quality Premium Quality pool liners that will provide you with years of use in your swimming pool.

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Westminster - Beaded - Oval Pool Liners

Beaded Oval Pool Liner Fits 48" and 52" Walls

Heavy 30 Gauge

10 Year Warranty

From $209.99

Westminster - Beaded - Round Pool Liners

Available in 48" or 52" Walls

Heavy 30 Gauge

10 Year Warranty

From $189.99