Light Niches

Swimming pool lights and spa lights require a light niche, or housing, for the light to sit in. Light niches come in plastic (PVC), or stainless steel. A light niche is used in all pool types - vinyl, fiberglass, concrete and gunite pools. The lighting niche is typically a standard size, but may have different hole patterns for the face plate to attach to. Oftentimes, the number of holes in the face plate will determine what brand name manufacturer light you have.  Located at the rear, or top of the niche is the hub (this is where the cord feeds through). The hub comes in different sizes, 1" or 3/4". Conduit attaches to the hub, this is where the cord runs through to the Junction Box. When replacing a pool light, or installing one for the first time, always remember to shut off the electrial supply at the main breaker. Allow for extra cord length to wind up behind the fixture when installing. This will allow you to be able to bring the light up to the pool deck, if future servicing is needed. offers many different brand name light niche options to choose from. We carry Hayward, Pentair and Jandy - just to name a few.

Lighting niche parts are also available. If you don't see the light niche, or part you are looking for, please call us at 800-918-7665.


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DuraNiche niches are injection-molded of PVC for superior performance, non-corrosive durability and plumbing versatility - plus the lowest installed cost.
From $59.99

Plastic Light Niches for Gunite Pools and Spas

Designed for concrete and gunite applications
From $54.99

QuickNiche Pool Niche

QuickNiche Light Niche for Vinyl Liner Pools

Large Stainless Steel Light Niches

For use with either metal or PVC conduit
From $79.99

Small Stainless Steel Light Niches

With internal and external grounding lugs for use with either metal or PVC conduit
From $65.99