Chlorine Dispensers

Floating Chlorine Dispensers come in many different types and sizes. You can choose from a plain blue and white floating chloroine or bromine dispenser or select a character chlorinator, such as a duck, mallard or shark. Chlorine feeders work automatically with your pump and filter system to help make pool maintenance effortless.



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Clori-Duck Floating Chlorine Dispenser

Available in the Mallard or White Duck Style
From $27.99

Derby Dolphin Floating Pool Chlorinators

Add a cute blue dolphin to your pool.
From $24.99

Derby Duck Floating Chlorinators

Add this adorable duck to your pool!
From $22.99

Surfin' Shark Floating Pool Chlorinator

Keep your pool crystal clear with this cool surfin' shark.
From $22.99

Hayward Inline Chemical Feeders

Automatic Inline Chlorine Dispenser.
From $64.99

Hayward Off-Line Chemical Feeders

Automatic Chlorine and Bromine Dispenser
From $70.99