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Look no further for swimming pool algaecides, balancers, chlorine and other sanitizers, water clarifiers, and more at low prices! We offer a wide assortment of pool chemicals, test kits and test strips including such popular brands as Leisure Time, Robarb, GLB, United Chemical, Natural Chemistry, BioGuard, Guardex, Blue Wave, United Chemical, Nature2, Sea-Klear, Taylor Technologies, AquaChek, LaMotte and many more.

Let us help make your pool water crystal clear and sparkling clean. has been supplying chemicals nationwide since 1999. We only offer the pool and spa chemical brands that have impeccable reputations for providing quality products.

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3" Chlorine Tablets

90% available chlorine
From $62.99

5-in-1 3" Chlorine Tablets

Get the one tab that does the work of 5 different frequently-used chemicals

Blitz No-Chlor Shock

Powerful chlorine-free shock restores sparkle to your pool
From $4.90

Bright & Clear Spa Clarifier

Bright & Clear works quickly to turn cloudy water into crystal clear water.

Burst Shock

Quick-dissolving and ph-neutral
From $5.50

Clear Blue Clarifier

Clear Blue Clarifier adds sparkle to the water by removing small particles that can dull the water.

Cobalt Cure Stain Fighter & Remover

Removes and prevents black cobalt spots from fiberglass and acrylic surfaces

Dissolve by Applied Biochemists - Gallon

Dissolve digests scum with natural enzyme action.

Down & Out® Flocculant

Non-alum flocculent drops suspended, unfilterable debris to the bottom of the pool for easy vacuum removal.

Eastern Leisure Winter Kits

Winter pool protection has never been this easy!
From $23.99

Filter Clean

An overnight deep-cleaning solution for filters to help remove dirt, grease, oil buildup and scale deposits.
From $19.99

Filter Fresh Quart

Filter Fresh by GLB is a specially developed acid-based liquid cartridge cleaner removes debris overnight. Regular treatment with this soak-and-rinse formula helps filters operate at maximum efficiency.

GLB Alkalinity Up

This balancer increases the alkalinity of pool water!
From $11.99

GLB Calcium Hardness Up

Increase water hardness to prevent equipment corrosion and scaling.
From $14.99

GLB Ph Down

A safe and effective way to lower the Ph level in your pool or spa!
From $6.99