Liner Bead Wedge Lock

Secure your inground vinyl pool liner with Liner Lock.
Manufacturer: Cinderella
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Liner Bead Wedge Lock

Liner Bead Wedge Lock Strip locks in your inground vinyl beaded pool liner.

Our Liner Lock strips replace everything and everything you have used in the past to try to keep your pool liner from falling out of the track or bead receiver. Now you don't have to use pennies or popsickle sticks which look unsightly. 

Use this bead wedge lock to secure your beaded pool liner into the pool coping or bead receiver track. It is a flexible and rubbery material , so it's easy to place into the liner track, just above the liner bead.

Pool liner bead lock is used for beaded pool liners to hold them in the track for a more secure fit. Liner Lock stays soft and pliable for years. If you need to replace your inground pool liner in the future, the Liner Lock can be reused.

This package contains 120 Ft. of Liner Lock 

Available in White, Blue or Gray


Picture of Liner Bead Wedge Lock - White
Liner Bead Wedge Lock - White
Picture of Liner Bead Wedge Lock - Blue
Liner Bead Wedge Lock - Blue
SKU: QP1564
Liner Bead Wedge Lock- Gray