Nu-calgon Pump Protector

Protects Against Corrosion - Safe for all type pumps
SKU: 4299-T8
Manufacturer: Nu-Calgon
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Nu-calgon Pump Protector

Foam-in Shut Down Corrosion Protection for All Types of Pumps. Any pump that is shut down and drained part of the time should be safeguarded with Aerosol Pump Protector. Pumps used in cooling towers, swimming pools and vacation homes, auxiliary pumps, marine and industrial pumps can develop corrosion deposits on the impeller and other close-tolerance areas during shut down, causing the pump to bind. Aerosol Pump Protector prevents this corrosion and lubricates the pump so that it starts right up every time! Pump Protector is water soluble and will not cause any foaming problem when the pump is started. If the pump is used for drinking water, flush it thoroughly by running water off a few minutes before placing the pump back in service.


Protects against corrosion

Safe for all types of pumps

One 10 oz. can is enough for each pump