No Mor Muriatic Acid

No Mor Muriatic Acid by United Chemical reduces pH and alkalinity in swimming pool water.
Manufacturer: United Chemical
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Change the way you use Pool Acid

No Mor Muriatic Acid® is the only alternative to liquid pool acid

No Mor Muriatic Acid® is a revolutionary new water balancer that offers all the benefits of liquid acid but none of the draw backs. One 2.5 lb bottle is equivalent to one gallon

Liquid Muriatic acid is one of the most used chemicals in pool maintenance. Unfortunately – it is also one of the most difficult to handle. Liquid acid is extremely corrosive and can damage decking and vehicles. Its fumes are toxic and can burn nostrils and respiratory tracks. It’s heavy to carry and difficult to store. It has always been accepted as a “necessary evil” of pool maintenance – until now…

No Mor Muriatic Acid® offers the same pH and Alkalinity control in a safe and easy to handle granular formula. This proprietary blend of granular acids offers the same function without the liquid form.

No Mor Muriatic Acid® is a granular – that means cleaning up spills is safe and easy. No more ruining swimming pool decks with spills; this unique formula is activated by water; just hose off spills with ease.

No Mor Muriatic Acid® is safer; no more worries about acid burns or heavy fumes. Since No Mor Muriatic Acid® is activated by water, that means your less likely to burn your skin or clothes with the occasional spill.

One 2.5 lb bottle of No Mor Muriatic Acid® is equivalent to one gallon of liquid acid – making it easier to carry and to store.

Quick Specs

Use: Water balancer; lower pH and Alkalinity

Compatible with: All types of swimming pools

Chemical Type: Granular

Available Packaging: 2.5 lb. bottle

Dosage Rate: One 2.5 lb. is equivalent to one gallon of liquid acid

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does No Mor Muriatic Acid® work?

A: No Mor Muriatic Acid® is a proprietary blend of granular acids that have the same chemical properties of liquid Muriatic acid – offering the same affect on pool water balancing while being in an easier to handle form.

Q: Can I use No Mor Muriatic Acid® in any pool?

A: Yes. In fact, No Mor Muriatic Acid® is safer for all types of finishes than regular liquid acid, and in some cases removes light staining.

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