Nature2 Spa Stick Mineral Purifier

Nature2 Spa Stick is a breeze to install; just drop it in the spa's filter and it will work for a full four months.
SKU: W20750
Manufacturer: Zodiac
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Nature2 Spa Stick Purifier

Nature2 Spa works with your existing filter to give you clean, clear water without high levels of chlorine.

Nature2 Spa uses patented mineral-bed technology to destroy bacteria. Its revolutionary process significantly improves the look, feel, and smell of your spa water by dramatically reducing chlorine and bromine requirements.

It is a breeze to install; just drop it in the spa's filter and it will work for a full four months.


  • Clean, clear water without harsh chemicals
  • Improves water quality, reducing skin irritation and dryness

Technical Details

  • When combined with Nature2 Cense, it offers an EPA-recognized non-chlorine or bromine spa sanitizing system
  • Significantly improves water quality with natural minerals
  • Works with chlorine or Cense

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nature2 a filter?

No. A filter simply removes particles and debris. Nature2 sanitizes pool water by destroying bacteria which are too small to be caught by a filter. You still need a filter when using Nature2 system.

Do I still need to use chlorine with Nature2?

Yes, you need to use a small amount of residual oxidizer to ensure water sanitizing. With the Nature2 system* you can reduce the chlorine level to just 0.5 ppm. You won't feel, smell, or be affected by chlorine at this level.
*The Nature2 system consists of the patented Nature2 technology used in conjunction with a chlorine delivery device or 0.5ppm of an EPA-registered pool product.

How do I know if Nature2 is working?

The best test is improved water quality; you'll notice a big difference. Visual clarity and sparkle shows Nature2 is working properly.

Which products should be avoided when using, or planning to use, Zodiac Nature 2?

Bromide and its derivatives.
Chlorine-free disinfectants of the PHMB type (or "biguanides"): Baquacil, Revacil, Oxyline.
Other products containing copper.