Mineral Purifiers - Pools

Natural mineral purifiers greatly reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed in order to kill  bacteria and sanitize your pool and spa.  These purifiers use minerals such as silver and copper to naturally destroy contaminants that create cloudy and unhealthy pool water. Mineral sanitizing systems allow you to use less chlorine, saving you money and giving you pool water that is noticeably cleaner and softer.

Nature2 by Zodiac has a full line of mineral purifiers from which to choose. Frog products by King Technology offer many choices of mineral purifiers as well. Both of these companies offer mineral spa sticks as well as products to use in your swimming pool.

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Instant Frog® Mineral Sanitizer

INSTANT FROG is made especially for existing in ground pools up to 25,000 gallons.

Nature2 Cartridge Filter Purifier

Nature2 Cartridge Filter Purifier is a mineral sanitizer that drops into your pool cartridge.

Nature2 Express Mineral Purifier

Nature2 Express Mineral Purifier reduces the amount of chlorine needed to sanitize your inground or above ground pool.
From $101.99

Flippin Frog

Chlorine and Minerals in one floating dispenser that "flips" when it needs to be refilled!
From $34.99