Magic Lube

Non-toxic, multi-purpose lubricant and sealant
Manufacturer: Aladdin
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Great for sealing and lubricating o-rings, gaskets, motors, bearings and water filters, Teflon-based Magic Lube will not cause leaking like the old petroleum based products. It can be used in wet or dry applications and can withstand any temperature up to 425 degrees. Completely waterproof, Magic Lube is compatible with most kinds of metal, rubber, and plastic. Specifically formulated for pool and spa uses, it forms a durable adhesive film that is chemically resistant.

Picture of Magic Lube 1oz.
Magic Lube 1oz.
Multipurpose sealant and lubricant
SKU: AL 630
Picture of Magic Lube 5oz.
Magic Lube 5oz.
Multipurpose sealant and lubricant
SKU: 631