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Leisure Time

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Alkalinity Increaser

Alkalinity Increaser is critical to pH control. This granular formula effectively raises alkalinity levels which might otherwise cause equipment corrosion.

Bright & Clear Spa Clarifier

Bright & Clear works quickly to turn cloudy water into crystal clear water.

Brom Tabs

Gradually releases bromine, keeping your spa or hat tub clear, clear and free of odor.
From $24.99

Calcium Booster

Increases water hardness levels to help prevent foaming and equipment corrosion.

CitraBright™ Cleaner

This spray-and-wipe formula uses the cleaning power of citrus to quickly cut through the toughest grease and grime.

Cover Care and Conditioner

Cleans, restores and protects spa covers from weathering, fading and discoloration.


Prevents scale formation in spas or hot tubs

Enzyme by Leisure Time

Breaks down oils, lotions and organics that can cause odors, scum lines and cloudy water.
1 quart