Brom Tabs

Gradually releases bromine, keeping your spa or hat tub clear, clear and free of odor.
Manufacturer: Leisure Time
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Leisure Time Brom Tabs

Low-odor, low-dust tablets fit all floaters. When used as directed, this product will sanitize spa and hot tub water, keeping it clean, clear and free of odor. This product gives the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor.

Useful Tips
  • Easy to dose tablets
  • Compatible with bromine sanitizng systems
  • Available Sizes: 1.5 lbs. / 4 lbs.

Sanitizing with bromine has become increasingly popular. Whereas chlorine can sometimes cause offensive odors and skin irritation, bromine is less likely to do so. Additionally, unlike chlorine, when bromine combines with bather waste and other contaminants in the water, it remains a very effective sanitizer. Bromine is also far less pH-dependent than chlorine. Leisure Time® Brom Tabs are applied through a floater that gradually releases the bromine and maintains a constant level of bromine in the water. When using Leisure Time® Brom Tabs, you will also need to use Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide when first filling your spa to ensure a fully bromine-based sanitizer system.

Picture of Brom Tabs - 1.5 lbs - 45425A
Brom Tabs - 1.5 lbs - 45425A
Convenient 1.5 lb. container
SKU: 45425A
Picture of Brom Tabs - 4 lbs - 45430A
Brom Tabs - 4 lbs - 45430A
SKU: 45430A