Jack's Magic

Jack’s Magic Products, Inc., the pool and spa industry’s leader in identifying, preventing and removing stains and discoloration, has built a reputation for innovative quality products and programs that deliver results. 

All Jack’s Magic products are designed to be used WITH the water in the pool – saving you time, money and effort. By treating stain issues with the pool water left in the pool, it is estimated that Jack's Magic program has saved over 200 million gallons of pool water annually that would otherwise be lost if a pool was drained and acid washed.

Jack’s Magic is one of the most widely known and respected brands, and is marketed and distributed nationally and internationally.


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Stain ID Kit

Designed to take the guesswork out of removing swimming pool stains.

Stain Solution #1 - The Iron, Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff

Remove iron, cobalt and spot-etching stains without draining the pool.

Step Stuff Kits

Removes common stains from vinyl liner pool steps easily and effectively.

The Blue Stuff - Metal Solution Too

Helps remove and prevent stains and scale

The Emerald Stuff

4-in-1 clarifier

The Magenta Stuff

Remove stain & scale and protect finishes

The Pink Stuff - Metal Solution

A professional strength, general purpose sequestering agent

The Purple Stuff - Salt Solution

The stain preventative of choice, and a must product for salt (chlorine) generator pools.

The Tile Plus Stuff

Used for maximum cleaning of scale, metal stains (including rust), oils, and cosmetics

Vinyl Liner Blue Stuff - Stain and Scale Control

Helps remove and prevent stains and scale in vinyl liner pools