Intex Cartridge Replacements

Replacement Filter Cartridges for Intex Pools
Manufacturer: Intex
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Intex Replacement Filter Cartridges

Need to replace filter cartridges for your Intex pool? We have several models for you to choose from. Because the Intex pool filter replacement cartridges are very low priced, we recommend that you buy 2 or 3 so that you can rotate them, using a spare while you clean the one you just took out. It also helps to defray the small shipping cost by ordering more than one replacement cartridge for your Intex pool.



Intex Cartridge Replacements Intex "A" Cartridge
Intex 5 sq ft filter cartridge "A" C-4607, F-120, PC7-120, 58600
SKU: C-4607
Intex Cartridge Replacements Intex Easy Set "B" Cartridge
Intex 15 sq ft cartridge, C-5315, NFC-3752, 59901W
SKU: C-5315
Intex Cartridge Replacements Intex "D" Cartridge
Intex 28 sq ft cartridge replacement C-5330, PIN28, 'S58601, PIN28, NFC3748
SKU: C-5330
Intex Cartridge Replacements Intex "E" Cartridges
Intex set of 2 cartridges C-3302, PIN-3, PIN3PAIR, 58602
SKU: C-3302