How To Install An Overlap Pool Liner

Installing an Overlap Pool Liner

First of all, carefully inspect the overlap pool liner to make sure there was no damage incurred during shipping nor any factory defects. Look over the seams to make sure there are no separations.

Make sure that you have leveled out the earth beneath the liner placement. Ensure that all rocks and pebbles have been removed prior to installing the pool liner.

Picture of pool cove for pool linersYou must use a cove against the pool wall. A Pool Cove can either be purchased or you may use sand to create a wedge between the floor and the pool wall. This “wedge” should be a build up of sand at a 45 degree angle and should measure approximately 4 inches between the floor and the pool wall. The easy to install Pool Cove takes the place of the earth mound as shown in the illustration.

You may use a sand base on the ground beneath your overlap pool liner or you may purchase Floor Padding. Our Floor Padding is a geotextile product that prevents nut grass from growing through your pool liner and is is impervious to almost any sharp object, such as rocks or roots. This product is sometimes called a Gorilla Floor Pad. It also will give your aboveground pool liner a smooth appearance and help prevent footprints or dents which are common when sand is used.

Another item you may wish to use is Wall Foam which is a foam product that lines the pool wall prior to installing the overlap pool liner. It helps prevent rust and corrosion from staining the aboveground pool liner. The wall foam can be attached using Wall Foam Adhesive.

Now that your ground is prepared and your floor and cove are ready, it is time to install the above ground pool liner.

Take off your shoes. Put the aboveground pool liner (still in its box) into the center of the pool. Take the overlap pool liner out of the carton. Unfold the liner carefully with the pattern side up. Lay out the liner so that the seam around the floor is laying centered on the pool cove. Adjust the liner layout until it looks even around the pool.

Once you are satisfied with the pool liner position, you are ready to hang the liner over the pool wall. Lift off one of the top pool stabilizer bars – then lift a piece of the liner and drape it over the wall. It should overlap about 2 inches if you wall is 52 inches and about 6 inches if your pool wall is 48 inches. Put a pool coping strip on the wall to secure that piece into position. You may also wish to use duct tape on the outside of the pool wall every few inches to hold the liner securely in place. Remove one section of the stabilizer bar at a time and hang the liner over the wall. We recommend that you secure the liner at positions that correspond the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions on a clock, then fill in the rest.

Turn on your garden hose and begin to fill the swimming pool. DO NOT CUT ANY HOLES for skimmers or returns until the water is just below them.

You may wish to use a shop vac to suck the air out from between the overlap pool liner and the pool wall. The skimmer opening must be covered, so cut a piece of cardboard and tape it over the opening. Connect the shop vac to the back side of the return hole where your water returns to the pool and tape it in place. You will need to tape it at an angle, do not attach it level with the floor but at about a 45 degree angle. Turn on the shop vac until the pool liner is against the wall.

You may have some slight wrinkles in the pool liner during the installation process. You can usually work the small wrinkles to the edges if you push them with a soft broom with about 3 or 4 inches of water in the pool. You will not be able to move the liner with much more water than that due to the weight of the water. Do not forcefully drag the liner to the sides. DO NOT STRETCH YOUR LINER TO EXCESS! THIS WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOID THE WARRANTY.

If you currently have a pool that takes an Overlap Pool Liner, you can easily convert it to a pool that takes a Beaded Liner. To do this you need to purchase Bead Receivers which simply slide over the top edge of the pool wall. Converting an Overlap Pool to a Bead Receiver Pool is especially desirable when you are adding a deck or partial deck around the pool. Beaded liners are easier to install than Overlap Pool Liners – there is no guesswork about lining up a pattern and accessing the top edge of the pool can be a challenge when there is deck in the way.

Don't forget to enjoy your pool!

photo of above ground pool