Hi-Temp Eco-Safe Spa Clarifier 1 pt. bottle

Accelerates filtration and promotes water brilliance
SKU: 90121
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HASA HI-TEMP ECO-SAFE SPA CLARIFIER causes tiny particles of debris in spa water to coagulate (join together) so that they may be readily removed from the water by the filter. The brilliance and clarity of spa water depend on the efficient activity of the filter as well as the chemicals used to sanitize the water. It is recommended that your filter cartridge or element be cleaned in HASA Hi-Temp Spa Filter Soak on a routine basis, frequency depending upon the use of the spa. HASA HI-TEMP SPA CLARIFIER may be used in any fiberglass, vinyl, plaster, tile, or acrylic spa.


Prevention: Initial dosage with fresh water. Turn on air-blower only, add one ounce Hi-Temp Spa Clarifier for each 400 gallons spa water. (Two caps full Spa Clarifier equals one ounce.) Run blower ten minutes and then run filter equipment for one hour. For best results, test and adjust chlorine reading to 1.0-1.5 ppm and balance pH to 7.6-7.8.
Maintenance: Repeat doasge twice each week, or sooner if water appears cloudy.
Spa may be used immediately after application.