Green Treat Algaecide

Green Treat kills green algae in swimming pool water.
Manufacturer: United Chemical
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Green Treat Algaecide

Green Treat algaecide by United Chemical controls blooms of green algae and starts cleaning the water of other invisible life forms. Green Treat® is an EPA registered patented Algaecide designed specifically for green swimming pool algae. Its powerful formula has the strength to fight green algae in every type of swimming pool.

This environmentally safe and powerful product is easy to use; simply add one bottle per 20,000 gallons of pool water and super-chlorinate – then watch your swimming pool green algae disappear. Green Treat is safe for you and your pets.

Green Treat has the firepower to kill green algae

We always recommend that you follow and algae treatment with No Mor Problems® to keep algae from coming back and to keep your pool crystal clear all season long.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Green Treat® kill green algae?

A: Green Treat®’s patented formula is a powerful algaecide that works in conjunction with super chlorination. Green Treat® accelerates chlorine’s ability to kill algae by turning it into its strongest (oxidizing) state to burn through the algae in one powerful shot.

Q: Does Green Treat® work in any type of pool?

Yes. Green Treat® works universally in pools treated with chlorine and bromine (including salt pools/chlorine generators).

Q: What advantages does Green Treat® offer over other types of algaecides?

A: In a word- results. Green Treat® is trusted by pool professionals because it gets the job done on the first try using less chemical – and does it without creating more problems.

Ammonia and Metal-Based algaecides do work – but create more problems to deal with: Ammonia creates chloramines requiring more shocking, and metal-based algaecides can cause significant staining.

Green Treat® works better without causing additional issues to deal with. This means less time fighting algae and other problems, while leaving you with more money in your pocket.

Q: Can I use Green Treat® to prevent green algae?

A: Although possible, this is typically not cost effective. We recommend you use No Mor Problems® - since it specifically formulated to prevent algae.

Recommended dosage: 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons. A 2 pound bottle will treat 20,000 gallons of pools water, which is very economical. You must use chlorine in conjunction with Green Treat.