GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Stock Grecian Safety Covers

All Stock Secur-A-Pool® Safety Covers ship within 48 hours! Non-stock sizes and custom covers ship within 72 hours. Call us for information on non-stock and custom covers. Order your GLI safety cover today, get it in no time!
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GLI Secur-A-Pool® Grecian Mesh Safety Cover

Secur-A-Pool® Stock Safety Covers ship within 48 hours! Non-stock or custom covers ship within 72 hours! Call us for information on non-stock and custom covers - 800-918-7665.

Our Secur-A-Pool® Safety Cover is renowned for its strength, durability and ease of installation. It’s the easy-to-install, no maintenance cover that gives the pool owner total peace of mind during the off-season.

Secur-A-Pool® Safety Covers meet or exceed safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91

Key Features:

New and improved - durable, long lasting, and increased weave count polypropylene mesh fabric for added strength and shading.

Mesh material eliminates standing water hazard by allowing water and melting snow to drain through.

Screens out dirt and debris for easy spring time opening.

Strong safety-minded construction.

Secures pool from children, pets and stray animals.

Tamper-proof design prevents entry without installation rod - installs and removes in minutes.

Improves the look of your pool in the off season.

12 Year Limited Warranty - 2 Year Full Warranty

*Step location is configured from deep end to shallow end
If you need a custom, or non-stock GLI Secur-a-Pool cover, please complete this Measurement Form .
For Installation and Maintenance Instructions, please click here .
  • Installation hardware kit
  • 2" Brass Anchors
  • 8" Stainless Steel Springs with built-in D-Rings and vinyl sleeves
  • 18" Installation Rod
  • Mesh Storage Bag
Picture of 16'6"x32'6" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
16'6"x32'6" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
SKU: 1632GR-CES48
Picture of 16'6"x35'6" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
16'6"x35'6" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
SKU: 1635GR
Picture of 17'10"x36'10" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
17'10"x36'10" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
SKU: 1736GR-CES48
Picture of 18'6"x36'6" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
18'6"x36'6" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
SKU: 1836GR-CES48
Picture of 20'9"x39'9" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
20'9"x39'9" GLI Secur-A-Pool™ Grecian
SKU: 2039GR-CES48