The pool light with no wires!
A great DIY project.
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FLOLight - The pool light that uses no wiring!

The FLOLight is incredibly easy to use and lights up your pool with no additional energy cost. Simply unscrew your existing 1.5 inch return line fitting from your pool and replace it with FLOLight.  As the water flows in the return line the force of the water generates energy to power the 8 LED lights. There is no need for wiring, batteries or even drilling! You can use this on every return fitting. Don't forget to add the colored lens kit for more lighting options.

Picture of FLOLight Wireless Pool Light
FLOLight Wireless Pool Light
SKU: NAT-25-1000
Picture of FLOLight Colored Lens Kit
FLOLight Colored Lens Kit
SKU: NAT-25-1001