Designer Floaties Arm Rings

Floaties Arm Rings can help kids feel more confident in the pool.
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SKU: T-8675 T-8676
Manufacturer: Sunco
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Floaties Arm Rings

Hip! Hot! Happenin'! Your kids will love these new designer floaties. Featuring photo-realistic Puppy Dog or Little Fishies images, or the fun and frisky Summer Dazzle, the little ones will demand to wear them! Each arm band features 2 air chambers for safety and comfort. Puppy Dog and Little Fishies Floaties measure 9-inches by 6-inches. The Summer Dazzle Floaties measure 7½-inches by 7½-inches. Of course, never leave any child unattended in a swimming pool or body of water.

Arm bands (or rings) are recommended for children aged 3 to 6 years.

These Inflatable Arm Bands are being offered at HALF OFF! You can't beat that. Buy now while closeout pricing is in effect.

You will find these are an excellent idea for kid's birthday party favors or just to have handy for your next pool party.