DuraNiche niches are injection-molded of PVC for superior performance, non-corrosive durability and plumbing versatility - plus the lowest installed cost.
Manufacturer: Hayward Pool Products
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DuraNiche niches are injection-molded of PVC for superior performance, non-corrosive durability and plumbing versatility - plus the lowest installed cost. They come in three models for concrete/gunite pools, vinyl/fiberglass pools, or for concrete/gunite spas. When paired with a Hayward® ColorLogic®, AstroLite or AstroLite ll light fixture, you have the best quality and value in a lighting system available anywhere.

Reliability is furter extended with DuraNiche's socket conduit connection. Designed for quick and simple gluing to PVC conduit, the connection provides a cleaner, more durable seal when compared to threaded-type conduit connections. Plus the conduit hub is an integral part of the molded niche, which offers extra durability during installation.

DuraNiche also boasts a significant advantage in plumbing versatility. Each niche includes a 1”/ 45° spigot elbow that allows the choice of either top, rear or 45° conduit connection. In addition, the connection can be converted to 3/4” with the installation of a reducing adaptor, also included with each niche.

Other advanded features include a replaceable mounting bracket, easily accessible connections for grounding/bonding and an internally threaded connection for pressure testing the conduit line.


  • Injection molded PVC fixture housing for corrosion free performance
  • Socket conduit connection designed for quick and simple gluing to PVC pipe. Provides a clean, reliable seal
  • U.L. approved sweep elbow fitting, coupling and reducer, included in SP0600U, SP0607U, SP0608U and SP0601U, meet the highest standard and provide the most convenient installation
  • All SP0600U, SP0607U and SP0608U niches have a 45 degree 1in outlet, which can be adjusted for top or rear conduit connection using the 45 degree U.L. approved sweep elbow (included). The SP0601U niche has a 1in rear outlet which can be adjusted to 45 degrees


Model SP0600U - For Gunite/Concrete/Stainless Steel Pools

For gunite and concrete pools, DuraNiche features a 3/4” set-back plaster flange with tie-off holes to secure to re-bar This allows positive positioning of the niche during guniting and ensures a professional appearance in the pool wall. A cover-up plate is provided to protect the niche and mounting threads during guniting. Plus a unique 90° ledge at the bottom of the flange prevents "slumping" during plastering. Dimensions - Front-to-back: 7.90"

Model SP0601U - For Gunite/Concrete Spas

For gunite and concrete spas and pools, this smaller DuraNiche has the same features as above, but features a 6.5" diameter niche cover. Dimensions - Front-to-back: 8.150"

Model SP0607U - For Vinyl /Fiberglass Pools

For vinyl and fiberglass pools, DuraNiche incorporates the dependability of Hayward’s proven wall panel sealing method. Since the niche fits all standard punch designs, no tooling changes are required. The niche also features an attractive face rim assembly, injection-molded of corrosion-proof Duralon™. Duralon Face Rim and Back-Up Ring (with drilled tabs), Gaskets and Screws. Dimensions - Maximum O.D. of shell back: 10-5/8” O.D. of shell flange: 12-3/16”


DuraNiche - Gunite/Concrete Pools
Underwater Lighting Fixture Housing
SKU: SP0600U
DuraNiche - Fiberglass/Vinyl Pools
Underwater Lighting Fixture Housing
SKU: SP0607U
DuraNiche - Gunite/Concrete Spas
Underwater Lighting Fixture Housing
SKU: SP0601U