Dolphina 15x24 Oval Ovelap Liner - Sale

Fits 48-52" Wall
Return or Open Box Liner - Our loss is your gain!
SKU: Store-LI152448DO
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Manufacturer: Pegasus Products, Inc.
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Want to swim with the dolphins? The whimsical Dolphina (Dolfina) pool liner is made from 100% virgin vinyl, a flexible Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) sheeting containing various additives, i.e. inhibitors for mildew, mold and algae. These additives improve the life and quality of the vinyl by increasing its resistance to chemical/detergents, brittleness, punctures, high strength with durability and low temperature flexibility. Dolphina pool liner is made by Pegasus Products, a forerunner in the vinyl liner industry. They have been making quality pool liners for over 30 years. Dolphina pool liner is available in 20 gauge material and is proudly made in the USA!