Derby Dolphin Floating Pool Chlorinators

Add a cute blue dolphin to your pool.
Manufacturer: GAME
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Derby Dolphin® Floating Chlorinator

This cute little dolphin chlorinator is fun to have in your pool, and useful too. This chlorine dispenser features an expandable basket and an adjustable flow rate, so you can control the amount of chemicals being released into your swimming pool. This model is designed to hold 3" Chlorine Tablets. You will love this adorable Derby Dolphin Floating Chlorine Dispenser by GAME.


  • Great looking
  • Multiple chlorine tablet capacity
  • Adjustable, to control flow rate
  • 8.5″ L x 8.5″ W x 11.94″ H


Derby Dolphin Floating Pool Chlorinators Derby Dolphin Floating Chlorinator - Large
Holds 3" Tablets
SKU: GM1002