Decorating In and Around Your Pool

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Plants and Flowers

Consider the use of plants and flowers in containers such as terra cotta planters. When choosing pool friendly plants, make sure your selection excludes plants that spread pollen or debris into the pool. One of the benefits to this form of décor is that you can move the planters if needed due to frost conditions.

Colorful plants and flowers will add to the enjoyment of your pool and make your yard a desirable place to spend time. If you really like adding pops of color, paint plain old pots to enhance the pool area. Try to choose flowering plants that have long blooming buds to maximize the length of enjoyment.

Don’t put flowering plants too close to the pool itself to help avoid congregating bees from hovering near swimmers.



In addition to landscape lighting, you can float candle holders in the pool – this makes a romantic statement in the evening.

You can opt to buy affordable string lights near the pool, your local home improvement store and even party stores offer a wide variety of string lights to add ambiance to the pool area.

Another way to add twinkling lights to your backyard paradise is to place flameless LED Candles all around the areas where you and your guests will be sitting. They come in several sizes and you don’t have to worry about them causing a fire. They twinkle just like real candles so people may not even realize they aren’t real candles!



There are several styles of affordable fountains that are easy to connect to your pool’s return jets. They make a big statement for a small price tag! You can move them or turn them off when ready to swim.


What Theme Do You Like?

Do you like that tropical look? Lush plantings help achieve the tropical feeling. Think of how much color is used in the Caribbean to achieve the look of the islands. Tiki torches help impart the tropical and Caribbean looks. But if you like your yard to look like Tuscany, you won’t want to use tiki torches. If you can add a pergola with vines, that would scream Tuscany! We suggest you look around on Pinterest and type in the theme you love and see what inspires you. Here are a few examples of backyard themes:

Tropical back yard

Tuscany back yard

Desert back yard

English cottage back yard

Southwestern back yard


Pool Toys & Inflatables

Add to the fun by having an assortment of pool inflatables on hand for you and your guests. Nothing beats a relaxing time in the pool floating around on a raft or chaise lounge. The kids love to play sports in the pool too so consider a volleyball or basketball game for them to enjoy. These are available in a wide variety of prices, so go with what your budget is comfortable with.


Drink Caddies & Floating Bars

A convenient way to supply ice cold refreshments in the pool is to use a floating drink caddy. They let you store drinks in ice to keep them cold and allow you to store your glasses (preferably plastic ones) while you swim! Or you may want to swim up to a Floating Tiki Bar which provides just a bit of shade.

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