Coverlon Safety Covers

Coverlon Pool Covers

What makes a COVERLON Safety Cover so much better?
Heavy duty brass anchors, stainless steel springs, brass caps, custom fabricates polypropylene fabrics, double webbing (full front and back), triple stitched with high-strength thread and both Box and X-Stiches at all joints.

Coverlon pool covers come in a variety of styles. Select that one thats right for you.

Classic Coverlon Mesh

Fabricated from a high-tech blend of lightweight, supple polypropylene that remains pliable and smooth year after year. The unique fabric is impervious to chlorine, mildew resistant, and has an extremely high tensile strength.

95% shade blocking

12 year warranty

Super Coverlon Mesh

The best mesh fabric available equals the ultimate pool cover. The tighter weave minimizes the sunlight that passes through the cover, therefore reducing spring time algae growth.

99% shade blocking

12 year warranty

Super Coverlon Solid

This coated material is significantly stronger, has reduced weight and a tightly woven polyester rip stop core. The core limits the ripping and fraying if the material is punctured. Other covers available are made from laminated materials and do not offer these same advantages. An automatic pump or drain panel is required with this type of cover to prevent water accumulation on the surface.

100% shade blocking

12 year warranty

If you have an existing Coverlon pool cover, or a cover from another manufacturer and you want to replace it with a Coverlon cover, we can easily get you one that will fit like a glove. No AB measuring or shipping of your old cover required! Call us for more details! 800-918-7665.

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Coverlon Classic Mesh Safety Covers for Grecian Shape Pools

Several sizes to choose from, with or without steps. Four color options available.
From $1,016.99

Coverlon Rectangular Classic Mesh Safety Cover

Available in standard rectangles up to 30' x 50' - with step options
From $616.99

Coverlon Super Mesh Safety Pool Covers

99% Shade Blocking - The Strongest Mesh Cover!
Stock sizes available in Rectangular and Grecian.
From $843.99

Coverlon Super Solid Pool Safety Covers

The Ultimate in Solid Pool Cover Material!
Stock sizes available in rectangular or Grecian.
From $876.99